www.pccarx.com Professional Compounding Centers of America- An independent pharmacist's complete resource for bulk pharmaceuticals, equipment, devices, flavors, ACPE-accredited training courses and programs, as well as technical and marketing consultation used for compounding customized dosage forms.

www.iacprx.org International Academy of Compounding Pharmacy - A non-profit organization that represents and serves over 1300 compounding pharmacists. This is a good source of "what's new" with political issues facing our profession. Also contains a handy search engine to find a compounding pharmacy near you!

www.lowdosenaltrexone.org Interested in learning more about Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN)? Check out this link for more information about this innovative therapy.

www.facebook.com/NanasGotOils/ A Facebook page for education and information about Essential Oils, Healthy Families, and Healthy Homes

www.myyl.com/memhill78@gmail.com Learn more about the roles of essential oils as a complementary therapy for health and well-being and see if this is right for you. Here is the place to create your own personal order or to simply request more information.

www.salivatest.com ZRT Labs - Information you need to know about hormones, and the when, why, and how saliva testing may be used to detect hidden imbalance. Hill's Compounding Pharmacy has these saliva test kits available for purchase.

www.blatmanpainclinic.com The Blatman Pain Clinic is solely dedicated to providing traditional and holistic pain treatment solutions. We have served the Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky area since 1988, improving our patients' lives by relieving and eliminating pain, especially chronic pain and myofascial pain syndromes.